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ARTS SOLUTIONS – (Non Governmental Organisation)

Arts Solutions is a great organization which tries with in a creative way of motivation and teaching to help people in poorness and in the slums to build up their own future again. Their mission is to create a life of prosperity for local artisans and their families in Ghana. The Vision for Arts Solutions is to work together with artisans and to create a life of prosperity, financial well-being, happiness and good health. The method and aim they are focusing on is achieving prosperity by creating and selling handmade products, magazines and cultural literature of the highest quality. The quality is definitely the highest, because it´s made with special patience, with the own hands of the artists – not mass-produced with machines.

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Here you can find a short description of the products the Arts Solution Association is producing. If you want to help people who life in very poor conditions under very bad circumstances this could be a way. The group helps and encourages people to be creative, the teach them, they give them knowledge on several basic talents, mostly craftworks and artisans, but simply to learn and for everybody able to develop better skills. But even with the basics you can create nice and very good handwork. The organization tries to help people to learn something and get their own money by selling the produced artifacts and getting money for their living. The problem is always the marketing and the public relation. It´s difficult to do public relations and spread information if there are no platforms or resources. So if you even don´t buy anything, just have a closer look what they are doing and try to spread the information and help support.

Products1Product Line (Listed on the pictures from left to right): Easy Sandals / Cane handle ladies bag / Liberian girl ladies bag, Shopping basket /Sickled Ladies Bag / Hand woven trouser / Kpalogo Drum / Whisket Basket / Taliking Drums / ​Ghanaian traditional fabric

And they have much more interesting artwork: Traditional earrings / Wooden spoons / Wooden Plates / Beads Bracelets / Beads necklaces / Traditionally made belts / Bamboo cups

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Information from Arts Solution about the products: All products are sold using FOB pricing. All materials used in production are local and durable. Prices have ranged from 5-50 dollars for most products. Prices are calculated by dividing international prices by mark 5. Timely shipment and durable packaging is guaranteed. Goods are reshipped if clients have solid grounds and such goods must be returned to base. Order all products needed by clicking on the contact knob.

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KONTAKT: Arts Solutions, 126 Southern Sector, CNC –Accra /  Email: / Phone: +233243322558 / Marketing Manager –  Iddirisu Musah  –  Phone: +233276961833