Solid Rock Association

Solid Rock Association – (Non-governmental organization)

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The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Solid Rock Association was started by President Arkaah Kobina, Vice Chairman William Segbedzi and other friends, artists and supporters as early as 2000, but was not formally registered as an NGO by the Registrar General Department until November 16, 2009 and recognized by the Department of Social wWelfare with authorization number SW 4832. In the middle of the poor district – in the slum – behind the Center for National Art and Culture on 28th February Road is the clubhouse of the Solid Rock Association. Their goal is to provide a retreat and safe shelter for the children of the slums.

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The volunteer social workers here teach a wide variety of arts, from painting, music, drumming, sewing and other crafts. This is to get the children off the streets, they can play in the courtyard of the clubhouse and make music and dance together with the others. These are also the simple ways to establish communication with the children and to create goodwill. The kids are basically just not used to going to school or even going anywhere on a regular basis to learn anything. Solid Rock wants to start at the root here and give Impluse. In more advanced measures, basic knowledge from mathematics, English or geography is also taught. The organization has an IT area, computer training is held here, but currently three of the four computers are too old and damaged.

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The Association’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by creating a cycle of wealth in underclass social neighborhoods. – Their vision is to build sustainable and ongoing programs that improve the quality of life in socially poor and underprivileged areas. This is done through investments, learning and training opportunities, life-saving supports, for today and for future generations. – Some institutions support the organization from time to time and invite the artist groups to events. There is a collaboration with the Goehte Institute in Accra and the drum group performs at music evenings. The groups travel to different parts of the country and also try to do social work through education in other poor neighborhoods with their music and dances. The children in the group also learn to help others through their work and art.

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President Arkaah Kobina and Vice Chairman William Segbedzi share interviews about Solid Rock Association’s founding, concept and current projects:

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