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(The NGO is in in the course of incorporation) – Jacob Sedemor is an passionate activist from Adaklu in the Volta Region and founder of the Dreams Alive Foundation. He is the gender equality specialist at Adaklu Helekpe. He organizes meetings and group session, discussion rounds and simple, understandable and informative education. Through knowledge and understanding, he tries to improve the life situations in the Volta region and Ghana.



Jacob: “In the groups we try educate women and their male partners on their various roles and we try to making men understand who they are, but not what society says they are”.


On the picture above Jacob is faciliating an activity on how to plan for the own family. Standing with the members in the squares should represent the ressources which are provided for the family and to make it visually more clear how the base has to be to make it work.



In a skype interview he told us about his project and gives a passionate insight of how you can help with eduction and knowledge. This recording is from June 2019, below there is another interview from November 2019::


On the photos below you can see Gaba Linuz and Jacob Sedemor from Dream Alive in action and having a speech with a group. On June 5th they organized a meeting with 60 men at Waya, the Adaklu district capital with the topic how to prevent gender based violence and effects of gender based violence against women and children. In Ghana gender based violence is an important issue which needs serious attention. It is also a sensitive topic, therefore the information givers from Dream Alive need to approach it from the community level. It has affected women,children and is marginalised in the communities. So the Dream Alive Foundation has given the step to educated and sensitise some of the community members to understand and generate discussion about how to curb its effects.









Donation of school books for children in the region


Meeting with Mother Support Group at Dawanu

At this reporting period some of mother Support and daddies groups leaders are been train as Gender Equality Champions at the community level to lead the crusade against Gender based violence and child abuse The period is been use also to visit some VSLAs groups formed in these communities to enhance their social and financial status


Interacting with some children while a visit at Adaklu Dawanu

On 3rd of November we had another podcast with Jacob Sedemor from the Dreams Alive Foundation which is operating with educational help and supporting information in the Adaklu District in the Volta Region. We spoke about the vision and mission of the NGO which are:

1. Targeting of the eradication of teenage pregnancy

2. Increase gender responsiveness among community members with male and female

3. Education on HIV and STI

4. Securing the health of women and children during pregnancy with ANC


Donation of protection masks to pupils from the the Helekpe Junior High School and the staff:




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