Many projects – six programs

HITA e.V. has stood for “empowerment” for over 10 years. By using modern information technologies in the training of non-physician healthcare professionals, the non-profit association is committed to sustainability and equal opportunity.

Together with project partners from the Ghanaian health and education sector, HITA e.V. is developing realistic steps. As a result, the project goals are best adapted to local conditions and can be implemented in a sustainable manner. HITA e.V. does not give away charity, but sees its role in enabling self-determined learning and patient-oriented work.

In accordance with the education strategy of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ Paper 7/2015, Strategy Paper “BMZ Education Strategy: Creating Equitable Opportunities for Quality Education”), HITA e.V. pursues the goal of expanding access to higher education and science and ensuring equal opportunities. Access to higher education is mostly limited and inequitably distributed in many African countries. HITA e.V. would like to counteract this, for example by providing targeted support for students and pupils. Computer-based and decentralized electronic learning, called e- and mobile learning, is promoted by the association.

Expanded access to educational opportunities can only lead to success if minimum qualitative standards are met. For this reason, HITA e.V. is also interested in introducing students in secondary schools to the new learning opportunities. These minimum standards also apply to teachers at the relevant schools and colleges. It is therefore essential to also support teachers in being able to use new teaching and learning methods in order to better meet their daily challenges.

The work of HITA e.V. is divided into six programs: