Gbi Special School

Gbi Special School

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This facility for mental and physical disabled children was founded next to the village Gbi Kledzo near Hohoe in the Volta Region to provide an andequate education, health and day care for children with disabilities in this region. Principal Reverend Gerhadt Charles Gbekle and about 40 other teachter, social workers, day care mothers  and educationers are keeping the school running.

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The school hosts about 150 children at the moment, there are around 100 boys and around 50 girls. During school days the children are living the whole time in the accommodations of the facilities, they get feeding, clothing, medical health care and the day care mothers are looking after them. The school’s only source of income is the government´s grant which is pegged at GHC 2.20 (60 cents), less than a dollar a day per child. This is surely inadequate and not enough considering the fact that Gbi Special School needs to provide special medical health care and therefor as well a healthy nutrition and feeding for these children.

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The school doesn´t have any vehicles for transportation, Reverend Gbekle is using his own private car for buying the necessary supplys for the school and as well for the transportation to the hospitals and doctors, which they have to do nearly every day. In a lot of cases it is an emergency – these children need mostly very special medical treatment, are not always stable and a transport to a hospital is unavoidable. The school has got an own medical room, but there is no nurse, no money for any and equipment and material supply is missing.

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The school needs actually support in the question of transportation, a vehicle or driving services. 40 employees for 150 children are definitly not enough as well. These children have physical and mental disabilities and need much more attention and more extensive and elaborative caring then children without a disability who can live more freely – these children are depending much more on their care workers and attachment figure. The school is always searching for volunteers who want to contribute with their help in development aid to the education, the day care and nursing of the children. Accomodation for volunteers are provided by the School on its property. As well you can find more fotographs on the  Facebook-Fotoalbum of ARDI (Advocacy for Rural Development International), they can help as well with the communication, organisation and building up a connection to the school. Here are some fotographes of the building for volunteers and the rooms at the Gbi Special School:

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HITA and ARDI took interviews with the principal Reverend Gerhardt Charles Gbekle and the bursar Kate H. Asieni. As well there is a short video about a walkaround on the school areal. If you are interessted on volunteer work at this facility, if you want to help with financial or material support or for more information below on the page there are all necessary contact details.

CONTACT. Adress: Gbi Kledzo / Hohoe Volta Region – Facebook: