Nursing and Health Assistant Training School Teshie

Nursing and Health Assistant Training School Teshie

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The Nursing and Health Assistant Training School Teshie (HATS, Teshie) was launched on January 28, 2008, following a decision by the Ministry of Health. The new plans called for the training of large numbers of professional nurses and midwives to address underutilization and staffing needs in the nation’s medical facilities. One of the school’s midwife tutors – Sandra Opoku – participated in the 2014 HITA Midwife Exchange Program and spent 3 months in Germany. She is currently teaching in Teshie. The school’s mission is to train competent mid-career nurses to support the nation’s health care system. The school started under a pavilion with four teachers, one staff member and 72 students. Currently, 8 tutors and 2 staff members teach at the school according to the school motto “Service to humanity”.

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For the application for the 2007/2008 semester, 180 aspirants had registered, 150 were accepted into the process and 72 were eventually admitted – including 5 male applicants.

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For admission to the 2013/2014 semester – six years later – the school had an applicant count of 1000, of which 600 were admitted and 250 were eventually granted admission, including 40 male applicants. 203 then entered the training at the end. Lekma Hospital is located next to the school and students can do internships and other activities here. Lekma Hospital is located next to the school and students can do internships and other activities here. The close location is ideal and the cooperation between the school and the hospital is an ideal way to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience.Many students take advantage of these options especially during the semester break, but there are also programs during the study period. Click here for the profile of Lekma Hospital.

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Currently, more than 800 students are taught at the school. The number has simply tripled in a very short period of time, yet the Department does not support it in any way other than the newly introduced greatly increased new enrollment numbers. Neither the infrastructure nor the space and personnel requirements have been adapted and so the tutors are faced with the situation of holding classes with 200 students and this partly under pavilions in the open air. This certainly does not provide an optimal learning environment; in bad weather, classes are often not even possible. However, the school is in the process of building two classrooms itself with its own budget and the support of private individuals, and they should be completed in June 2015.


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A website for the school is in progress and will be online soon. In case of further interest, inquiries or for support, here are the necessary contact details:

CONTACT. Post Box: TS 861, Teshie – Phone: +233302711471 – Email: – Principal Helen Gifty Dwamina Amoah – Email: – Link to Facebookpage. /// IT Tutor Nesta Secco – Phone: +233244670429 // Lekma Hospital: Profile

Here is a short walk and overview through the school areal: