Volta School of the Deaf

Volta School for the Deaf – Hohoe / Volta Region

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The Volta School of the Deaf next to Hohoe is a facility for deaf and deaf-mute children in the Volta Region. Principal  Diddy Ntim is running the institution and tries to provide an overall educational and supportive help for all the different ages and life periods. The facility provides a kindergarden, a primary school and a secondary school.

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Additional the school organizes and helps the students after finishing the school to get along with society and establish an independent way of life in the outer world. A lot of times many of them come back after a while and are seeking for the support and secure area which they get at the school. The school is trying to promote them as long till they are able to handle their life by their own. It´s a area of support and understanding where the students even can come back long time after they finished the school. As well the principal and the tutors organize workshops and seminars for the parents and relatives, to inform them more about the disabilities of their children, to teach them methods how to handle different situations in special circumstances and try to increase more awareness in the societey for people with disabilities at all.

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The school is currently hosting 302 pupils, 181 boys and 121 girls. Altogether there are 79 employees working at the facility, 49 teaching employees and 27 non-teacher. The school has as well pupils with sight disabilities and blindness, as well children with special mental disorders and disabilities. Next school period they are going to build up a special class only for children with especially high demand of attention and care. Like all the special schools in Ghana the Volta School for the Deaf in Hohoe gets as well Cedi 20 Pesewas (ca. 60 Cent) per child per day. With this budget the administration has to buy food, nutrition, clothes, medical healt care and they have to pay as well the additional employees.  The school needs and is seeking for external help, but is trying to get supplys and support by their own.

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Since two years they started farming on the school areal. There they have vegetables, fruits, some beans fields and since some time cacao plants. The principal wants to get independent, at least some more in the food supply. There are some more fields away from the schoolo areal, but there you would need to pay some workers. As well they don´t have money for buying fertilizer and pestizides, so they have currently problems with dying cacao plants. Mostly the employees of the school work on the fields, but there isn´t real time for that, because the work with the children takes most of the time. The school has continually volunteer development workers from Ghana and from different other countries in the facility who contribute their time, experience and knowledge to the education, daycare and the work with the children. Below you can find all the necessary contact details. As well on the ARDI Facebook-Fotoalbum you can find more information and fotographs. We took as well an interview with the principal and did two short video clips from the showing around on the school areal:

KONTAKT. Adresse: School of the Deaf, Hohoe, Volta Region – Principal Ms. Diddy Ntim – Email: diddynt@yahoo.com – Telefon: +233209185219.