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Lekma Hospital

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The Lekma Hospital is a governmental health facility built by the Chinese Government in 2010 as a friendship hospital between these two countries. The remarkable financial support from the Government of the People’s Republic of China was about 7.280.00 US Dollar. Within 16 month the construction was completed and the hospital was inaugurated by the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana H.E John Dramani Mahama on the 21st of December 2010.

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The Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie (whose profile you can find here) is located directly next to the hospital. The school was built before the health facility and there was no directly combined planning between these two institutions. But meanwhile they started a collaboration program which is an essential addition to the midwife and health assistant apprenticeship. During their schooling the students do their practical work at the hospital and especially in the vacation time they are allowed to do a laboratory internship in the health facility. For the students this is a very important part of their training because they can use the theoretical knowledge they earned the month before, and as well after the internship they can use these practical experiences for further improvement of their theoretical skills. These combination is a beneficiary on the contrary to other nursing schools without these laboratory opportunities.

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The Lekma hospital is a 100-bed capacity hospital that has all the units of a general hospital including special services, laboratory and radiological facilities. They have as well in addition a Malaria Research Centre and a Herbal Medicine Unit. It serves as the municipal hospital for the Ledzokuku-Krowor (Teshie and Nungua) area and beyond. The Hospital’s clinical staff is made up of a team of 22 Doctors of which 9 are specialist and as well over 200 Nurses. They opened as well a special and remarkable eye center in 2013.

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The hospital is responsible for the whole area in the surrounding suburbs – before its construction there wasn´t even any health facility running. They designed special corporate client services and have at the moment some collaboration with companies who are sending their whole staff to the hospital. But it´s still noted, that it is a governmental facility, which means they only get the minimum financial assistance from the state budget. They are depending a lot on private and foreign supporters, like the whole building was set up by the Chinese. They spend as well some vehicles currently. The hospital is lacking of equipment and especially for the administrative work there are not enough IT-devices, which are urgently needed. Recently they build up strategies for business development, accountants created a nice website and are working on marketing strategies to get support and donations to keep the facility on a adequate level of medical standard.

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Here are two interviews with the Head of Administration and the Accountant in Business Development:

CONTACT. Adress: PMB Teshie Area – Office Location: Tswuibleoo, Teshie, Accra – Phone: +233302717945 – Email: lekmahospital@gmail.com / lekmahospital2@gmail.com – Website: www.lekmahospital.org  / Nursing and Healt Assistant Training School: Profil