1Bed4All (II) Status Report IV

In the meantime, our 3 containers with a total of 180 beds have arrived at Ghana's largest port in Tema. There, the containers must be unloaded and the beds transported to a total of 18 selected hospitals. Our partners in Ghana are responsible for this. The "Catholic University College of Ghana", Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana, West Africa with the support of the National Catholic Secretariat in Accra, Ghana take responsibility for this. The beds are distributed according to a distribution key worked out by Professor Prudence Mwini-Nyaledzigbor. The focus is on very small and small hospitals in the rural Brong Ahafo region in the west of Ghana. 11 very small "Health Centers" receive 3-5 beds each. Some of these facilities do not have beds yet.
In addition, 6 small and medium-sized hospitals in the region will receive between 5 and 20 beds from our pool. However, most of the beds go to Berekum Holy Family Hospital (HFH). This is a Catholic diocesan hospital that serves as a city hospital and is part of Sunyani Diocesan Health Services (DHS). The hospital was founded in 1948 by the Medical Mission Sisters (MMS) and has been a diocesan hospital since 1978. Additionally attached to HFH is a nursing and midwifery training school. These were founded in 1955 and 1964, respectively. Before the government established a vocational training program in Sunyani in 2004, these two schools were the only ones for nurses in the Brong Ahafo region.
The following different disciplines are trained there for their own use but also for other institutions: EN anesthesiologists, OR technicians, laboratory, ward and pharmacy assistants. The links with HITA date back to 2012. At that time, the facility was visited for the first time by a delegation from HITA e.V.. Starting on March 24, Birgit Meyers-Carow, Daniel Gerlach and Thomas Erkert will fly to Ghana for 2 weeks to attend the distribution of the beds and to ensure the sustainable and proper use of these beds through targeted training sessions together with the local partners. We will report regularly from this trip: follow the project and the trip at www.hita-ev.org . Last but not least, we would like to ask you to continue to support this campaign with your donations ( https://hita-ev.org/1bed4all-ii-spende/ ). This is the only way we can bring more beds to Ghana. Thank you very much!