Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2017

Karsten Gareis and Thomas Erkert are on their way to Ghana again this March to prepare 2 Proposals. Their itinerary first includes a visit to the Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2017 in Nairobi to meet several potential project partners from other African countries. From there, the two will travel on to Ghana. Various meetings for proposal preparation are also on the agenda there. Karsten and Thomas will have meetings in Accra as well as in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region.

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Africa Health Agenda International Conference: The Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC 2017) is built on the successes of the 1st Amref Health Africa International Conference, whose name is now changed to the all inclusive name - Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2017. Amref Health Africa jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO) organized the first Amref Health Africa International conference which was held on 15 - 17 November, 2014, at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The conference was an excellent platform for researchers, policy makers, health practitioners, advocates and civil society organizations to share and exchange evidence drawn from research and experiences in health development programs in Africa. The theme for the first conference was: From evidence to action: lasting health change for Africa. The Conference brought together 439 delegates from 20 countries, seven from outside Africa. The conference was generously sponsored by national and international organizations and agencies. The conference aimed to explore and debate on how Africa can influence the global health agenda to improve health and human rights on the continent. Building on the success of the first conference, the Africa Health Agenda International Conference is scheduled for March 7-9, 2017. The conference aimed to explore and debate on how Africa can influence the global health agenda to improve health and human rights on the continent.

The Conference will unveil the key role played by scientific research and its contributions to the achievement of the SDGs. It will also provide an opportunity for researchers, scholars and industry leaders to assess and come to an understanding of what universal actions are needed to reverse the health status of the most fragile and marginalised populations in Africa to ensure vibrant and healthy communities across the continent. It is recognised that each country faces specific challenges to achieving sustainable development. The commitment to strengthen international cooperation to address these persistent challenges and to ensuring promotion of social equity is at the core of the SDGs. The achievement of the SDGs will depend on global partnerships for sustainable development with active engagement of governments, civil society, the private sector, the United Nations system and other partners. During this initial period of implementation of SDGs framework research inputs are critical to address major questions facing governments as they adopt the SDGs into country plans and strategies. AHAIC will bring together health development professionals and researchers to share and evaluate evidence that can contribute to generating home-grown solutions to the health problems faced by the African continent in its efforts to achieve the SDGs. It will also articulate the role and contributions of private sectorin the achievement of the SDGs and transformation of the African continent. Therefore, AHAIC 2017 will facilitate the continued exchange of scientific knowledge and research findings and stimulate debate on strategies, ideas, innovations, and the application of knowledge to inform health care financing, human resources for health, and community systems, and strengthen policy and practice for the SDGs Health agenda. The conference will explore the role of innovation in addressing some of the pressing issues for achieving the SDGs through a two-day hackathon that will engage creative innovation experts to develop technological solutions to some of the critical challenges that hinder health in African countries.
The goals of AHAIC 2017 will be:
  • Bringing together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, the private sector, health advocates, and civil society to consider indigenous solutions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals across the continent.
  • Sharing scientific research findings and best practices in health and health systems in Africa.
  • Identify and discuss gaps and challenges in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

These main objectives are further addressed through four broad subtopics and 16 tracks:

  • Responsiveness and resilience of community health systems.
  • Health financing for sustainable development
  • Innovation and technology for healthcare systems
  • Global health security initiatives
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