Crowdfunding Campaign: Midwifery Learning. An exchange between Ghana and Germany!

A child is born! No matter where, no matter when, it's the midwife's job to be there and make life possible here. Midwives learn the tools of the trade during their training. This is where the project comes in, because Healthcare Information Technology for Africa e.V. acts where midwives need media to act correctly in critical situations. In cooperation with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health, as well as with clinics and birthing centers in Germany and Ghana, an exchange project will take place in 2014. The participants, two Ghanaian and two German midwives, act as multipliers. The exchange generates new knowledge that will trigger positive changes in Germany and in Ghana. The 30th International Conference of Midwives will be held in Prague from June 1 to 5. More than 1500 midwives from all over the world will meet there. A unique opportunity to network! It is clear that our participants should be here. You can help us make this happen.
In addition, especially for the project phase in Ghana, the multiplier effect also needs financial resources. Facilitation and presentation materials, blood analysis equipment, baby scales, ventilators, and e-books. Then the participants of the project can conduct workshops that are descriptive and provide information that can be viewed on the cell phone.
We collect the money exclusively for activities related to the exchange project. Purchased materials remain the property of the association and are managed by the training centers in Ghana. This will ensure that further projects of this type can be carried out.