March 2022: Donation packages reach Mawuko Girls' Senior High School in Ho, Ghana

It is a special day for the girls' school in the Volta region of Ghana. There is a table in the schoolyard. On it a tablecloth and countless packages of white, yellow or colorful printed cardboard. The school administration around Ms. Ernestina D. A. Peniana is overwhelmed by the donations from the partner school in Frankfurt, Germany.
Schoolgirls are delighted with the donations from Frankfurt. Many were collected and donated by students of the Carlo Mierendorff School
Many schoolgirls, whose tight budget for hygiene products is now insufficient due to the rising prices of recent months, stand expectantly around the packages. In an address and with a prayer, Principal Peniana sends thanks to all donors. Teachers distribute sanitary napkins and tampons to students. Bandages and plasters are given to the infirmary. The joy of the donations and the school partnership can be seen in numerous photos and videos from Ho.
Principal Ms. Ernestina D. A. Peniana thanked in a video speech for the many donations for the students and her school
The team of the Carlo Mierendorff School thanks all donors and helping hands with a colorful THANK YOU postcard.
The task now is to continue to build and expand the school partnership and to tackle further joint projects. In addition to the support through donations, the exchange and the learning and experiencing from and with each other are essential components of the school partnership initiated by HITA e.V.. On behalf of the entire fundraising team, we thank all donors and the countless helping hands!