German ASA participants on their way to Ghana!

Katharina Abel, Manuela Bauer, Sarah Lauren Harris and Franziska Manthey our four ASA scholarship holders are leaving for Ghana today to work on their projects for the next 3 months.

Franziska and Manuela will be stationed in the capital Accra for the first two weeks to complete an internship at the Korle Bu University Hospital. Franziska is a trained midwife and Manuela is a trained nurse. After that, they both go to Tepa in the northwest and will stay there for 4 weeks. After this phase, Kintampo is on the schedule, where the two will meet Sarah and Katharina and from there visit different schools. The last two weeks of the exchange program will take place again in Tepa. In Ghana, Franziska and Manuela will again work with midwives Afua Sarpong and Sandra Opoku, who were in Germany during the northern phase.

Sarah Lauren Harris and Katharina Abel are our experts for the Kintampo Rural Health Training School. They are both experts in e-learning and will develop e-learning teaching modules based on the requirements and needs of teachers and students in Kintampo. They are both interested in the field of mental disorders and are therefore also stationed at the facility in Kintampo, which has set the appropriate priorities. Your task is to develop different teaching units and test them in different school environments. This includes the different conditions in rural regions as well as in urban areas. Sarah is pursuing her Master's Thesis in Public Health and will stay in Ghana for her practical year of study for another 4 - 6 months after she finishes the internship and corespond with HITA.

Before the 4 project participants started their journey, they gave an interview. You can find the streams here on our audio platform HITA Radio.