HELP - Ghana Research Center!

HELP - Ghana Research Center is a Ghanaian registered NGO based on the belief that development can be achieved and sustained when the power of all healthy people is harnessed and directed towards the formulation and implementation of development initiatives. HELP-Ghana.RC relies on the knowledge of highly qualified full-time staff and the services of over 500 dedicated volunteers. Strong support from the communities in which the organization operates, combined with the generosity of local, national and international donors, enables HELP-Ghana.RC to design and implement programs that make a difference in the lives of individual Ghanaians, their families and entire communities. By engaging a range of stakeholders, HELP-Ghana.RC was able to create and implement dynamic development programs and support structures for all Ghanaians, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. HELP Ghana is currently implementing projects in two regions of Ghana (Upper West Region and Eastern Region) and is strongly committed to improving the health and livelihoods of individuals and communities. They aim to work with government agencies, the private sector, and local nonprofit and civil society organizations to bring about positive change in communities and their health systems. READ MORE ABOUT THE PROJECTS IN THE PROFILE. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES school1