HITA Yearbook 2018

It is now fresh off the press and we can hold the beautiful work in our hands! Our 2018 yearbook is ready and available to members, friends, supporters and interested parties.


The yearbook is designed in landscape format in DIN A4, consists of 58 pages and is equipped with 169 informative and beautiful pictures. The paper printed on glossy paper is bound in a hardcover. Last year's projects are documented in detail, from the loading of our first container with technical devices and high-quality medical equipment to the installation of the first campus WLAN in West Africa at the Universtity of Health and Applied Science in Ho in the Volta Region.


Our visits to Ghana are insightfully illustrated and detailed, with informative reports to match. Compact and practical, the most important info at a glance with additional data on budget, expenses, planning dates and results on evaluations. We can show what has now been implemented in cooperation with many stakeholders from different countries. However, there is still an incredible amount to do and we are only at the beginning with our ventures.

bb3 Prices for the HITA Yearbook 2018 Unit price: 55 Euro Combi with full membership: 105 Euro (instead of 115 Euro) Combi with reduced membership: 80 Euro (instead of 90 Euro) Combi with sustaining membership: 300 Euro (instead of 310 Euro)
bb2 There are many ways to support HITA, another is to purchase our 2018 HITA Yearbook. The comprehensive work can be purchased from us at a price of 55 euros. Since the copies are not mass-produced but printed to order, printing costs of 52.97 euros are incurred. So there is not really budget left to be able to support more schools in Ghana. However, we also offer a discount in combination with a membership and are of course happy about any further contribution. If you are interested in placing an order, please email us at info@hita-ev.org.