New profile of Volta Home orphanage!

The new profile of Volta Home Orphanage - also called Ve Deme Orphanage - is online on our website. The orphanage was founded by the pastor Issa Dan Annabi with his wife almost 30 years ago. They came to the Volta Region as missionaries and saw the need for support there. The orphanage receives no government support and relies on help from private individuals and businesses. The orphanage also runs a Primary School (comparable: elementary school), because the school fees are too high, and tries to bring the children to secondary schools, but does not have the sufficient financial means. HITA offers with the existing online platform and a network of contacts of these and many institutions more to present themselves here now before the public. This also represents a deployment of IT technology and promotes more targeted ways to provide assistance and support. All contact information for the facility is also on the profile page, as well as more detailed information, photos, interviews and video footage. >> Profile page of Volta Home - Ve Deme Orphanage