Preparatory workshop in Frankfurt over the Easter weekend. HITA in need! We need your support!

Our two exchange midwives from Ghana, Afua Sarpong and Sandra Opoku, are finally here. However, it was not so easy to get them to Germany in time. We were preparing the workshop when we learned that they were not on the flight we had booked. Due to a mistake, the visas were issued incorrectly, so that the two could not take the booked flight. Since a total of 6 other workshop participants, including two high-ranking ministry representatives from Ghana had traveled especially to Ghana, we had to bring them to Germany as quickly as possible. This resulted in additional costs that we do not have in the budget. Help us to close this budget gap and contribute directly so that our two Ghanaian midwives can learn as much as possible in Germany and pass on this knowledge in Ghana. From August on, they will be supported by a midwife and a nurse from Germany. In the process, all 4 specialists will develop an IT-based e-learning platform, which will then provide access to information and teaching materials for all midwives internationally. We want to help directly with the exchange project and the learning platforms so that fewer children and mothers die in Ghana. For more information and donation opportunities, visit Thank you for your support! The two-day preparatory meeting in Frankfurt was a complete success. The two high-ranking ministry representatives assured HITA of the Ministry of Health's support in the coming years as well. We want to try to expand the initiated exchange of specialists in the coming years. We will keep you informed about ASA projects here and on our social networks.