Presentation at Vodafone!

On September 12, the Director of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Tepa - Victoria Amoah and Günther Michels, representing HITA, presented the Mobile for Good Application concept to a committee at the Vodafone office building in Accra, Ghana. This is an implementation of an e-learning system, so to speak an intranet in the form of an e-learning platform to which students can get access with their smartphones to download learning materials such as scripts, photos and videos. Vodafone awards support money for a wide variety of projects, the presentation seemed to go well and now we at HITA are waiting for a response in early October. The amount earmarked for the one-year project is calculated here at 50,000 Ghana Cedi (= 12,000 euros), the school in Tepa will act as a pilot project, but the goal is to extend this to other schools in the country.