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Dear club members, friends and interested parties,
An unusual year lies behind us all - in Germany and around the world. The Corona pandemic has turned all planning upside down, whether in the private or professional environment, or also at HITA e.V. Our working trip at the turn of the year was the only chance to work together on site with our partners in the Volta region (Ghana) on our goals. In addition to setting up several computer workrooms, so-called computer labs, we were able to initiate a school partnership locally in the city of Ho, as well as provide direct assistance in the form of clinic equipment and distribution of school bags to schoolgirls from needy families.
Also around the turn of last year, we were able to organize a video conference from the Ghanaian hinterland with a university in Germany: a concept that is promising and that HITA e.V. would like to intensify in the coming period. The exchange between learners, teachers and experts from different parts of the world as well as the joint work on projects to use modern communication and IT possibilities to sustainably improve health care in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.
The impact of Covid-19 in Ghana has so far been limited mainly to public and social life. In addition to the spread of misinformation and sometimes contradictory instructions from the government, which have led to general uncertainty, the population is currently suffering from exploding unemployment and an increase in the price of everyday goods, including hygiene items. In one of the numerous video conferences with partners in Ghana, HITA e.V. was told that many young women can no longer afford articles for menstrual hygiene. Students at the HITA partner school "Mawuko Girls Senior High School" are thus restricted in their freedom, especially during their period. HITA members have provided a small amount of direct aid to these students through privately sent hygiene kits. To the delight of the donors, the packages arrived quickly and intact in Ghana. For more information on the Covid 19 situation in Ghana, please visit our website at
Corona-related, but also due to personal challenges in circles of active HITA members, not as many activities and initiatives could be tackled this year as originally planned. This makes it all the more important to be confident that we will again be able to envisage larger, long-term and sustainable actions in the course of the coming year.
The HITA Board of Directors looks forward to your cooperation. Whether it's in the area of project management, communications, or finding other funding opportunities, anyone can get actively involved.
HITA calendar 2021
Here you can find an annual calendar for the year 2021. On it you can find the German holidays as well as the Ghanaian holidays. If a printout from your home printer is not enough for you, you have the option of ordering one or more large stable copies of the calendar to your home: In addition to the cost of about 6 € for shipping, 2 € per calendar copy are added. We will gladly send you a shipment of calendars (in DinA 1 format) for an expense allowance of €16. Please contact Daniel Gerlach ( for this. Short-notice requests will be shipped by 12/28, so calendars will most likely arrive by the New Year.
HITA Christmas gifts
Are you still looking for a meaningful Christmas gift? Give your loved ones meaningful gifts together with HITA e.V. Whether a donation for a hygiene package to our partner school, a donation for the equipment of an IT workstation at a partner school in Africa or a HITA membership, you/they can give joy - and that even "last minute" - several times. Take advantage of the opportunities compiled in the attachment to this email. Sign up at by 12/23. at HITA e.V. and you will receive your certificate by 24.12. delivered by email! - IT Package - Hygiene Package - Membership
...and also if you buy gifts elsewhere, you can support HITA e.V.. Whenever you place an order with Amazon, you can donate 0.5% of your sales to HITA e.V. - easily and free of charge by using the "AmazonSmiles" program and selecting "Healthcare IT for Africa e.V." as the addressee of the donation. Instructions see here:
We wish you and your families happy holidays and a good year 2021. Stay healthy and confident.
Your HITA e.V. Board.
Thomas Erkert, Daniel Schleßmann, Günther Michels, Karsten Gareis, Daniel Gerlach
Only together we can make it!
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