WLAN implementation at the University of Ho - HITA team arrives in Ghana!

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We, Shaun, Leonhard and Karsten - the first three of the five HITA team members on the starting line for this work trip to Ghana - set off for Accra on May 17, this time via Brussels. As we step off the plane at our destination, the sultry subtropical air flows towards us - Ghana in May is always a sweaty affair. The driver of our host UHAS, the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, has been waiting for an hour. The delay means we have to cover part of the distance from Accra to Ho in the dark - we had actually wanted to avoid this because the country's roads can be damn dangerous after dark. The number of traffic fatalities in relation to the number of inhabitants is almost five times higher in Ghana than in Germany, even though the average Ghanaian travels far fewer kilometers. But Michael, our driver, knows the route like the back of his hand and brings us safely to the capital of the Volta region.

Here in Ho our accommodation is the Chances Hotel, which self-made man Emanuel Chance built with his own hands more than 20 years ago. Since last year, Chance has been one of HITA's most important cooperation partners in the country. Not only does he have extensive contacts in the Volta Region, but he also has a strong, personal interest in improving health care in his home region. This makes him exactly the man HITA needs to successfully initiate innovation processes at the local and regional level.


Chef Katumi and her team are already waiting for us with food; probably because the HITA representatives raved so much about the plantains during our last visit, we are served fried bananas with an indescribable, fiercely spicy garnish, accompanied by club beer - just the thing to end a long day of travel. We sleep very well, not least because Chance has put us up in his brand new bungalows.