02 November 2023 Computer refurbishment at the Carlo Mierendorff School

As you may have already read, in the elective subject (WPU) course "Ghana", students can actively participate in preparing computers in such a way that they can be used in computer labs at high schools and universities in Ghana for many years to come. On 2 November 2013, the project managers met at the Carlo Mierendorf School (CMS) to organize the course together with Dörte Netzer and Boris Riege until the end of the school year. Around 80 PCs and laptops are now ready to be prepared for the first two computer labs. The first computers are destined for the partner school Mawuko Senior Girls' High School (Mawuko) and are to be handed over as soon as possible to mark the school's 40th anniversary. On the HITA side, Daniel Gerlach, far right, (project management and strategy) Thomas Erkert, far left (project management and strategy) and above all Shaun Beason, 2nd from left, as technical project manager and Marion Fellmann, not in the picture (PR, internet and social media) will accompany the project. Shaun Beason and Boris Riege, center, both with a solid IT background, will take care of the technical issues. Doris Netzer. 2nd from right, supported by the initiators and colleagues Caro Franz and Petra Knott, are responsible for the organization and implementation of the content of the diverse issues, e.g. in relation to sustainability. Under the motto "Students4Stundents" (students for students), we want to prepare as many computers as possible as part of this newly established WPU course. Sustainability is at the heart of these activities (link: https://hita-ev.org/laptop-spende-von-c-b-c-gmbh-frankfurt/). The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are anchored in various CMS projects, including this one at Mawuko.

Sustainable Development Goals

The aim of this first meeting was to draw up a concrete "roadmap" for this school year. Further meetings will follow in order to keep challenging each other. As can be seen in the lower half of the picture, milestones have been defined that are to be achieved during the school year. The project was divided into work packages comprising various subtasks. The following milestone plan is an example of how the project management team aims to ensure that the challenging goals are achieved.:

Visualization of the work results

Work packages, responsibilities and milestones:
The various work packages are managed and closely monitored by the respective responsible parties. Project support ensures that errors are recognized in good time and can be avoided in the future. A continuous improvement process is being implemented so that the project at the Carlo Mierendorff School can serve as a blueprint for similar projects. In the upper half of Figure 1, open points were addressed that still need to be worked on in the near future. So we urgently need more computers. Please contact spenden@hita-ev.org if you would like to donate a computer or laptop yourself or if you can make contact with other people, companies or organizations who can or would like to donate computers or other components. We also need stackable plastic boxes (e.g. Euronorm 600x400mm) for storing the donations. Used bakery crates or similar are suitable for this purpose. For the logistics process within the school, we are also looking for trolleys and pallet trucks or sack trucks that would make work easier for the pupils. It would be great if you would also contact us with this. Thank you very much!

Work island