Members' report: Full steam ahead for 2023

Dear members, friends, supporters and donors of HITA e.V., You may have wondered / you may all have wondered why you have heard so little from HITA e.V. over the past two years during the Corona crisis. Like many other organizations, HITA e.V. was hit hard by the pandemic. However, we were not idle - on the contrary! Our current projects in Ghana have suffered greatly from travel restrictions. Nevertheless, HITA e.V. continued to be active. Karsten Gareis, for example, successfully completed a project that he carried out together with the "Grow Your Dream Foundation" in the Volta Region / Ghana. This project, which was largely funded by the Schmitz Foundations with BMZ funds, tested the use of digital media to promote gender equity and social development in rural areas. In order to maintain contact with our partners in Ghana, we held many telephone calls and video conferences. Much more important, however, was a visit by Birgit Meyers-Carow, who was in Sunyani (CUG) for a study visit to the Catholic University of Ghana, Fiabre, where she undertook preparatory activities for the "1Bed4all (II)" project. This project is currently keeping HITA e.V. very busy. 180 hospital beds are to be shipped to Ghana, distributed there and used sustainably for patient care in the long term. The logistical effort is enormous. The project still urgently needs donations. Become a bed sponsor( )!
A lot of time was also used to redesign the club website Our aim was to give you all a better overview of the diverse activities of HITA e.V.. To this end, members of HITA e.V., together with the professionals from CloudMarketing in Hamburg, have developed a comprehensive concept, the main aim of which is to improve clarity: The start page was simplified, content is clearly structured and projects were provided with modern design elements. The project work of HITA e.V. is - as clearly presented on the new website - divided into six programs. 32 projects that we have carried out over the past 12 years are assigned to these programs and described in a uniform manner. Each project has been given a matching logo and is assigned to the respective UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, the redesign of the website did not only include work on the reorganization of the content. Browsing the new website should be fun and provide all relevant information quickly. At the same time, the website's retrievability in search engines was optimized. One more note at this point: re-design is a dynamic process. Not all changes have been implemented yet. In the coming days and weeks, work will continue on the website on an ongoing basis. Let yourself / be surprised! Curious now? Click / click through the website and discover / rediscover HITA e.V.! We hope you are / you are as excited as we are. We are very grateful for feedback and welcome praise and criticism in an email to
We have ambitious plans for 2023: we will hold a general meeting in the near future. This spring we will launch our first regional group in Frankfurt. Among other things, she will coordinate activities with our partner schools, the Mawuko Girl's Senior High School in Ho, Ghana and the Carlo Mierendorff School in Frankfurt am Main. At the end of March, individual members of the association will finally travel to Ghana again to reactivate the association's activities on site. The focus of the trip will be the project "1Bed4All (II)"( We want to ensure that beds are not only distributed equitably, but that they are introduced in a sustainable manner. The aim is to ensure that the beds are used and maintained as intended in the long term without additional external help. Furthermore, we will try to visit most of our HITA PC Labs( installed throughout Ghana and perform much needed maintenance. Since some of our labs have been in use for almost 10 years, a focus will also be placed on the question of necessary replacements. As you can see, we have a lot of plans, therefore we are looking forward to your active cooperation. Whether it's in the area of project management, communication, or finding other funding opportunities, anyone can get actively involved. We look forward to your cooperation. Read more details about our activities and cooperations on our homepage Your HITA e.V. Board Thomas Erkert, Daniel Schleßmann, Günther Michels, Karsten Gareis, Daniel Gerlach HITA - the perfect gift! Give your loved ones meaningful gifts together with HITA e.V. Whether with a donation for a hygiene package to our partner school, with a donation for the equipment of an IT workstation at a partner school in Africa or with a HITA membership you / you can give joy several times. Take this opportunity to contact us: