Training Concept, Checklists, Status Overview and Support Platform- this is how students from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences see the sustainable use of hospital beds in Ghana

Design thinking, video conferencing with Ghana and hospital beds: an exciting semester lies behind the students of at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. At the end of June 2023, three teams will present their proposals for the sustainable operation of hospital beds in Ghana. Team "BedSpace Ghana" relies on knowledge building and continuous exchange. Videos and tutorials will be used to promote learning agility among clinicians. Exchange at expert level takes place in workshops. Continuous training and community support should be ensured expert networks and via chat channels. Using posters, chat groups and prepared videos, the team impressively communicates what it should look like one day: Intensive support in maintaining the beds, then building a strong maintenance community. Repair and maintenance support - this is what Team "MANA" focuses on. In a rural environment without reliable Internet connection and power supply, a status board, the so-called "BedBoard", checklists and short instructions are to improve the repair and care of beds and other ward inventory.

Team "BedSpace Ghana" shows prepared videos for quick support of clinical staff in Ghana in case of support

The status board supports communication between nursing staff and the person responsible for maintenance. If staff or technicians get stuck, QR codes help them to call up further technical information via the "MANA app". A multi-member Internet-based forum has been set up by the "Think Tank Titans" team. Access to existing instructions, exchange and contact possibilities to a support team are available via the interactive platform for registered users. In doing so, the portal also combines solution approaches from the other two teams and could represent a future home page for mobile sustainable maintenance of hospital beds.

The "BedBoard" and checklists are the focus of the presented solution of the design challenge with HITA e.V. for team "MANA".

Daniel Gerlach, board member of HITA e.V. thanks the students as well as Professor Kerstin Kohler and the supervising team for the dedicated implementation of the design challenge, which started at the beginning of the summer semester 2023: "The proposed concepts help us a lot in building a sustainable support structure in Ghana. HITA would be very happy if the students would support the further development and implementation of solutions for live operations!". Read more about the collaboration between HITA e.V. and, the Design Factory Mannheim at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences at and

Students from the "Think Tank Titans" team at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences present the feasibility of a community forum